2017 bids goodbye. So do I.

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday of the year. Apart from it’s noise and glitter, what differs this holiday from any other holidays is the essence of “moving forward”. It is the time where I believe people wants to transition themselves to become a better person. It is a “change” that people all around the world embrace with open arms.

Whenever the year is approaching to its end, I have already came up with a set of goals I want for myself for the coming year. These are mostly the goals I have not attained the previous year and most importantly, the goals that I have not “sustained”.
Most of it does not differ from anybody else’s. These are:

  • healthier diet
  • travel
  • less stress
  • routine workout
  • career move
  • or even staying away from negative vibes.

However, while I strive to achieve my goals, there will always be pitfalls and struggles along the way. Many of the struggles to be honest are not from outside influence. As a matter of fact, the thing that stops me from achieving my goals are no less than because of my doing. May it be my laziness, impulsiveness or plainly my disregard; I know that my main problem is my inconsistency. I am aware I will still be vulnerable with inconsistencies this year or even for the years to come. So instead of wishing for new set of goals, I’d rather wish for myself to be more consistent and persistent. That no matter what the challenges are, I will continue to take steps whether big or small towards reaching my goals. I will accept all my weaknesses as a person and also to keep in mind that I am not and will not be perfect.

So, will there be a “new me” this year? I guess there is only one way to find out.

See you next year!

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