I have a thing with jacket. In fact, I have a separate rack at our house just dedicated with my jackets and coats. I feel like the best outfits I’ve ever worn were always paired with those. Majority of them were neutral colors that I can mix and match with any of my outfit.

But there is one jacket that I am currently coveting right now.

It’s that camouflage jacket.

What I love about the camouflage is its versatility to be worn with any kind of ensemble. From wearing it with a dress, or be a casual chic, to showing a little bit of your sexy side, it will defintely improve your overall style.

It is both modern and youthful looking.

When I bought my jacket I had to try on several sizes. I realize that the bigger it gets, the better. I usually wear small but I bought mine large. Smaller size tend to look like more of an actual uniform than a fashion statement.

I simply can’t wait to wear it again once winter season is over!

Shop for your own camo utility jacket with some of my favorite shops:



RUE 21




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  1. Need to get one of these!


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