I woke up and saw the gray gloomy skies. I pondered how lonely it looks to see the trees with no leaves. I left my house and wandered outside to see what’s in store for me. The cold winter breeze brushes into my hair. As I walk through the freezing weather, I can only feel the tinge that numbs my entire body. I touched my neck to feel the warmth of rushing blood of my veins. Then I wrapped my two hands together close to my mouth and tried to blow a warm air out of my breath ..crack!

Story of my lips, bow.

One of the worst thing that can happen to any is to have damaged lips. It is both painful to see and feel. Though it can happen at any time of the year, it is quite common during the cold seasons. The thin skin that covers our lips is the most susceptible to breakage than any parts of our body. It is the reason why it gets damaged first whenever we experience extreme cold and dryness.

I for instance experience this all year long. Thanks to Texas and its unpredictable, warm and extremely dry weather during summer season; I chip when I pout. And then here’s the cold! Yikes!

But what do I do to keep it soft and splinter-free? Prevention is the key (as always). I exfoliate using a lip scrub. The moment that I feel that I’m about to have dry lips, I’ll get my lip scrub, put it on my lips, leave it on for about 5 minutes, wipe it away with cotton and viola! Lips ready to conquer the world! Just don’t forget to put a lip balm to seal the moisture.

Many of us women disregard this step in our skincare routine. We all thought that by using the balm and lipstick alone, everything will get you covered.

Wrong. Well, at least for me.

I have spent hundreds of dollars on lipsticks. Name all the good brands out there and even drugstore products, I had own at least a piece of each. And who’s a makeup junkie that did not own or tried Kylie Cosmetics?!

I realized that no matter, as in no matter how good is the quality of your lipsticks are, it won’t do any good if you don’t exfoliate. Before I would just do the balm+lipstick routine and still see the cracked lines of my lips (not kissable!). My lipstick won’t even stay on as promised it would be and I wondered why.

The scrub+balm+lipstick routine is much more worth it!

Keep this as a part of your skincare or even your makeup routine and you’ll notice a healthier and younger looking lips that are ready to kiss the blues away.

What can you use as a lip scrub?

Just get a spoon, put some honey then add sugar (I prefer white sugar).

Another alternative that I use are prepared lip scrubs that you can basically buy anywhere. Drugstores, make-up stores, grocery market or online!

Checkout these prepared lip scrub products online:

$7.39 at Amazon
$7.90 at Amazon
$14 at Amazon
$25 at Sephora
$34 at Sephora


  • Exfoliate with lip scrub
  • Leave it on at least for 5 minutes
  • Wipe away gently with a cotton pad preferably with a oil-based makeup remover.
  • Moisturize with a lip balm
  • Apply your lippy (optional)

So next time you think about putting that lipstick for a late night Saturdate or a coffee chillin’ with friends, don’t forget to scrub. Happy lip scrubbin’ everyone!

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  2. Exfoliating lips is so so important! I completely agree, many people leave this step completely out of their skin care routine!


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