Oh love is in the air.

It has always been known that a woman’s hair is its crowning glory. Sure it is! Whenever I am going for a special occassion, parties and ofcourse when Im going on a date, I always make sure my hair is done. Nothing beats a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. While shampoo and conditioner fails to keep their promises to us, a home or salon styled hair won’t.

So if you have somewhere else to go this time of the month with someone you love or someone you prospect to fell in love with, well its time to up your game and make an impression.

Did you know that according to psychological research, a long and shiny hair is one of the factors that men are attracted to women? So what are you waiting for, give your hair some TLC!

I did.

My long lost mom and brother! Lol!

I made an appointment with my favorite salon in Plano called Pika Pika Salon, a korean parlor. I have always trusted korean hairstylists when it comes to hair and all. But what I love about this salon are the people that style my hair. They are pleasant and easy to get along with. I showed them what approximate color and cut I want. I emphasized that I want something traditional yet refreshing. After retouching my hair color, applying highlights, a trim and a hair manicure they sure did delivered. I was so happy. What big difference a new hairstyle can do! Now I am date-ready, all that is left for me to worry will be an awesome outfit that fits the occassion.

So everyone, book an appointment with your favorite salons or gather all your stuff ready if you are doing your hair at home.

Remember, life isn’t perfect but at least your hair can be!

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