We all have that little black dress in our closets. But somehow, when we see a red dress, a red top or whatever red clothing it always catches our attention but never get to think about when are we going to wear it except for holidays perhaps.

Going on a special date is actually one of the best time to don it. Red simply signifies love and attraction.

Since my husband told me we are going on a date last weekend, I decided to come up with a really bloody red outfit.

I wanted it to be red, hot and sexy and there is no other way to express it like wearing a red ensemble. Red ensemble can be tricky sometimes as others may turn it into something slutty instead of just being sexy. Being sexy and being slutty is not the same. There is a HUGE difference between that. Decipher.

A guy friend once told me that the good guys love the girls who gives a little bit of imagination for themselves. The bad guys like it the other way around. So if you want a get a good guy, don’t over do it.

So for this outfit, I bought a red bustier corset (sexy) and paired it with black leather jacket and pants (hot). The leather jacket also kinda minimized the sexy edge off because it covered the shoulders and arms. I accessoried with a black choker for more dramatic effect and to complete the look I wore red pointy heels paired with red chain purse for a touch of sophistication.

Another plus for me is that my husband and I both love the color red. Its like fire in our eyes. That’s the reason why our house is decorated with red curtains, red flowers, red sheets and all. So it’s a plus-plus.

Anyway, stay tuned for my next post or check my Instagram on how I’ve pulled off this outfit.

Let’s all paint the town red!

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