Every year during love month my husband never fail to do something for me. It doesn’t matter when we do it, it doesn’t matter what we do, we just always make sure we find time for each other. Sometimes we do the fanciest things or sometimes we just chill and do the simple stuffs. It doesn’t matter anyways because it will always give us the same results. We are always going to be happy and be in love.

Nowadays, time for us is very crucial. So an uninterrupted dinner for two is already gold. For me, what matters is the time spent with somebody you love deeply. A good meal and a good conversation is a must for me. If either one fails, its not a perfect night. I am thankful that my husband is a great talker. He also spend his time doing research about where are the best places to have dinner dates. What’s good to is that we share almost the same thoughts about things. We have the same drive and aspirations in life so basically when we conceptualize something we both derive on same wavelength of introspection. There is nothing like sharing these thoughts when you are in a dinner date when the mood and setting is just right.

Remember, if you are going on a date it is always a “make or break” for you both especially if you are single. I still make plenty of effort for my husband when he takes me on a date and its been more than a decade now!

Dating is the best time to put our best foot forward and make a blasting impression with series of positive and interesting topics to talk about. If you made a mark on your first date, then there will second, and third, and fourth and so on and so on and so on!

Enjoy dating!

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