Staying fit is really hard. It takes a lot of motivation and self-discipline. As for my journey to fitness, I would say it took me a year to fully get into the system and embrace it with open arms.

It was around this time last year when I started working out. I started on my own at our apartment gym. While I am losing weight, I noticed that there isn’t much difference in my muscle tone. I looked straight with no definition. At the back of my mind, I know there is something that I am not doing right. Watching videos thru YouTube did little help to me. I tried to follow each step they demonstrate but I don’t feel any of my muscles getting engaged. Instead, I would either lose my breath from trying or worst, I lose my patience.

One random day, my husband told me he signed up for a membership at a gym near our place. Naive with how much the membership was, I was surprised how affordable it was. I told my husband to sign me up as well. The first time I went to our gym I was overwhelmed with everything I see. Those equipments got me very intimidated and all the more the people working out. I told myself if I am seriously getting into this, I better make sure I am doing it right or else I will be just wasting money and time.

That’s when I decided I needed someone who is experienced enough to show me the proper way of doing different exercises that will cater my needs. Hence, I hired a personal trainer. To be honest, I am half-hearted with getting one. First of all, it is quite costly. Second, I am afraid I am not gonna be able to keep up with the workout set for me. And lastly, I don’t know how long I am going to do this “fitness” thing.

First session came and basically my trainer Esther and I did measurements all over my body. Looking at the paper as she scribbled, I felt quite embarrassed with the numbers she wrote as it was far from my measurements in the past. She then asked my familiarity with the common gym machines such as leg press, biceps curl, row machine and the like. Then she assessed my stability and balance. While doing all these, I got even more terrified of what is yet to come for me.

My determination, however, is more powerful than my fears. I know that if I don’t do this now maybe next time it’ll be too late. Session after session things are becoming natural. Working out with a personal trainer indeed helped me in an enormous way. I was so blessed that Esther has been very supportive and patient with my progress. I love how she checks on my meal preps and tell me what I should avoid eating. She checks my form and if I am struggling with one exercise she is very quick to think and offer another alternative. For somebody who is new to fitness world, I would say Esther is really fit for me. I look up to her a lot.

We rarely, rarely took a video of our workouts. I told her I am not ready yet. Truth is, when she asked me then, I only planned to see her for 3 months. However as we advance, I feel I am becoming stronger and every month I am happy to see with even a few centimeters of progress of my measurements. But most of all, Esther and I became friends and working out doesn’t seem hard for me after that!

After 8 months of training with her twice a week, all I can say is I am a different person now. Thanks to her I will never forget the basics she taught me. But just like any other relationships, one has to part. Our last session was indeed a mixed of emotions. I felt sad to see her go but happy for her to chase a new career. Makes me sad looking back that we only had one selfie together. Esther will always be a part of the history of my fitness life and I know she is proud of me right now. I remember she told me before she left to see a trainer at least once a week to make sure I get a proper workout and to get myself continuously challenged. God, I miss this girl.

Esther and I

As of today, I still see a trainer who happens to be my co-staff at work and also a friend which I see once a week (if our schedule permits) and I go to gym at least 3-4x a week or on my lazy days twice. Lol!

Working out with friends during our Austin Vacation
Joy and I with our co-staff and trainer, Matt
My Jeff and I

Looking back the past year I feel that I will never be the same. Working out or going to gym has been part of my life now and I don’t think I will ever be apart from it. Even on vacation I look for a gym and workout. Wherever, whenever or whoever I am with, I will always go. Whether its an effect of getting a personal trainer, following celebrities ( I follow Kourtney Kardashian on her app and Aubrey Miles on Instagram), working out with your partner or just plainly having a gym buddy, it is always a good a idea to find someone who will influence you to be a better version of yourself.

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