I think I should have made this as my first entry among my other posts. But I was feeling the New Year so I done that.

Now why do I blog? 

First of all, I did blog once using the same platform of WordPress. However, adulthood came and put my blogging thing on hold. I also don’t have the proper tools that will support my hobby. 

Yes, it’s a hobby. Only few people know that I do write. I am not a pro but I have a heart and soul on it. For me, technicalities will follow what’s important is that I enjoy what I do. 

Another reason why I came into this is that I simply love sharing what I know and experienced! You bump into me and surely you will hear something about anything. You see me wearing something new and without hesitation I will share where I got it from. My thoughtful and shameless sharing however does not make every one comfortable or empowered. Or yet maybe they feel I am “too much” feeding them with information that is not their thing. 

“You will be too much for some people. 

Those are not your people”   

– Glennon Melton


You just got to really choose the audience that is willing to listen and enjoy what you enjoy. You share and learn from each other. You will realize that everyday you are becoming an improved version of yourself because your circle suits your personality. When you are surrounded with the right people you all grow as a person organically. 

Have you been into a situation where somehow a person just directly oppose your way of living, your lifestlye, your choices, your fascinations? 

Piece of advice, keep a considerable distance. It is like being in the different poles of a magnet. You will never attract any positivity out of it. All you’ll develop is negative thoughts about each other’s way of life and preferences. Next thing you know one could be judgemental since both of you are not in sync. Avoid!

Blogging helped me express my thoughts and experiences knowing that it will channel me thru a community whom I share the same interest with. While chances are there still be people whom might be reading my blogs and still oppose about it…  atleast I am maintaining the considerable distance. Wink! 

What about you, why do you blog?

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