It was 4 years ago when I met you. Truth is I didn’t have any feelings for you at first because I think I still left my heart in Manila back then.

If there was any first impression that came into my mind, I would say you are one big state really. It is nothing compared to where I’ve came from. But though you are enormous, I’ve felt sad as I walk through the empty streets. I guess I’m used to brushing my shoulders with other people. All I see were rushing cars on high speed and houses made of red bricks.

I have never been depressed in my whole life. I didn’t even know that word! I was just lucky I came here with my family as they helped me cope with the emptiness I’ve felt with this new environment.

And then, I finally get to drive our first car. I get to see places and explore what you’ve got for me. I know I might be sound as if I am bragging but you see I grew up in a city or capital, so for me you are pretty laid back if I can compare.

However, day by day I get to have my routine. I go the my favorite grocery stores, visit malls, eat different delicacies from various restaurants and go to a gym where I have learned to familiarize myself with the usual faces. Career wise, Jeff and I have stable jobs. Stacy was doing well in school. I am also blessed to get to know some of the amazing people along the way who I ended up being friends with. I am very proud to say I have adjusted and lived my life here.

For a brief period of time, I can honestly say that you grew into me. I have loved you for what you are and for what you’ve got. Because Texas, you are stable and balanced. You are amazing. Now that I am leaving, I really don’t know what to feel except to ask and tell you this:

Do you know how hard it is to let go of something real and wonderful?

It’s hard.

All I know now is that while I’m moving forward to a new chapter of my life, you taught me ways and wisdom I will surely use with my day to day life. And though the excitement of living the dream that we’ve always wanted is just right around the corner, I want you to know that the memories that we’ve spent together will always have a special place in my heart.

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