Fitness for me is as important as eating food. I don’t go by a week without training myself for atleast four times. If our muscles does not need recovery period, I might actually gone almost everyday.

One fine day in May, FNX Fit products approached me and asked if I can be a brand ambassador for them. Since I am into fitness, I would do anything to help me improve my workout routine and most importantly anything to improve myself.

I know I don’t have a large following on instagram but one thing that my mom taught me since I was young is to try my best to be credible all the times. Credibility for me is far more important than just claiming to the world that I am a brand ambassador of this and that. Plus, how can I represent something that I did not experience in the first place right?

I tried FNX products for more than a month now. I choose three products that I think I need specifically and also what I think is necessary for me.


Okay, I have to be honest. I wasn’t a fan of preworkout drink because when I tried it in the past with C4, I crashed after 45 minutes of working out. But I tell you what, that’s not the catch. What I don’t like the most about it is that I can’t have a good sleep for days! That is not good for a light sleeper like me.

When FNX sent me their products, I was not having high hopes with the preworkout. In my mind, preworkout supplement is just not going to work for me but I gave it a try anyway. Then I was impressed! I survived my workout throughout with steady strength and the best thing is it didn’t affect my sleep at all. In fact, I take naps after a morning workout and if I do a late afternoon workout, I didn’t have any trouble getting sleep at night.

(For those who are sensitive to stimulants, they also have an alternative preworkout supplement that is STIMULANT FREE. Check it out REINFORCE).


Okay, another honest opinion. I don’t know what in the world a BCCA is. I never actually knew about it until some body told me it helps with muscle gains. At that point, I am not ready for another advice for it is the same person that introduced me to C4 preworkout.

So again, for the sake of testing the products I gave it a try. I took it during workout (you have an option to do it after workout too). I noticed that together with the preworkout my endurance and strength are more stable and longer. I was able to perform complex excercises or lift heavy without experiencing too much fatigue or exhaustion.

One thing that I noticed, even my muscles were sore or burning during workout, the recovery was faster which helps me push and train harder every time. However, I am not really into the the flavor they gave me which is the watermelon burst. Id only hope that they will have a peach flavor with this one like the preworkout drink because that one tastes amazing! But for now, I’m going to give the Raspberry Lemonade flavor a try for my next order.


My protein shake journey was not easy. It is a real struggle of trial and error. I will buy this and that and ended up switching every time. I will either have gastric upset, bloat or I simply just didn’t like the taste. I have to put cashew milk or add fruits to boost its flavor. Thing is chocolate can be really good as is alone; that being said only of it is “chocolatey” enough. Protein is protein. All of them will give us about 20-40 grams of protein we need. It will all just boil down now on how it was prepared. Im not too obssessed with specifics, what’s important for me is that I get the protein I need (that’s why its called protein shake) without the intestinal drama and drinking it with a smooth, non-chalky, satisfying chocolately taste. FNX Protein Shake was able to deliver that. And as I said on my previous blog post, I take my protein shake immediately 30 minutes to 1 hour after workout.

All in all I will give FNX products a two-thumbs up! I am personally obssesed and would recommend these supplements to anyone who is into fitness or just started into it. It is really worth the try!

If you want to check it out and experience the FNX performance yourselves, click here: FNX Fit Performance Rising

But don’t forget to use the special coupon code when you checkout!


Disclaimer: All is based on my personal experience with the supplements. FNX did not contact or pay me for this blog post. My personal experience might differ from yours.

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