worn last October during 24KMagic World Tour

For quite sometime now my choice of clothing has been quite predictable. It’s been months since I got into the pattern of “camo-dity”. There is something about it that I find special that eludes sexiness when worn. I guess the thought of wearing a man’s clothing creates that illusion.

worn this April on a night out with friends

In addition, I feel empowered wearing it because it feels like I am showcasing the inner strength in me. I feel I’m in control like a boss!

worn this June during our San Francisco vacation

Whenever I buy clothes, I have basic guidelines that I follow. First, if it is the style I currently want. Second, if it looks good on me. I get most of my style inspiration from magazines, social media or from a celebrity. Regrettably, not all that I will see suits me. My rule of thumb is if I can’t pull it off, I will never dare to wear it even if it is the trend or even if it looks amazing on someone else.

worn this May on a cool but sunny day in LA

I am not really into printed clothing. I mostly prefer plain, solid colors on casual. If it has prints it will be either plaid/checkered pattern or is symbolic. But the camoflauge pattern just got really into me. I just love its versatility!


I wonder what will I be fancying next?

Check similar styles here:

Zappos $70.99
Pretty Little Thing $38
Fashion Nova $39.99
Chic Me $21.99

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