Knott’s Berry Farm NYE 2020 Review: Is it worth the try?

I always look forward to New Year. There is something about it that just gives positive energy. It makes us look forward and start anew isn’t?

It is the main reason why celebrating New Year has always been very dear to me. I am an optimistic person and anything that would keep me feeling positive and boost the experience would definitely be a must.

Last year we celebrated in Universal Studios and it was really great! This year I decided that we celebrate New Year’s at Knott’s Berry Farm because first and foremost we have not visited this park yet.

I have limited knowledge about this place. The first thing that comes into my mind would be uhm, cookies and jams. LOL. The way I imagine it or by the sound of it would be going into a theme park with rides decorated with berries. Okay, don’t judge me harshly, I have only been here in the US for 5 years…so “knotts-berry-farm?” I have to imagine it literally word per word. Going there I have low expectations, I mean… all I know is Disneyland vs. Universal Studios!

Driving around Knott’s Berry did not disappoint. It’s huge, its colorful, it’s a delight. I am loving the rustic-farm vibes. It is like being away from the busy city landscape of LA. The nearby Knott’s Berry Hotel looks amazing too. We would have stayed in this hotel if only it was pet-friendly. We just can’t afford to welcome the new year without our baby furry yorkie. Anyway, the walk from the parking lot to the theme park isn’t that long. I was entertained by the stores along the way. They have restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops. The entrance to the theme park isn’t that big but its got a good security checkpoint areas which is important to me.

Night @ Knott’s Berry

Inside there were beautiful farm decorations of barrels, windmills, milk cans, etc. The whole park was decorated with dazzling lights and bows which gives all that holiday feels. To top of it, every few hours the main alley in Ghost town gets showered with snow flurries. The rides all look sturdy and well-kept. They all look pretty thrilling too not to mention of some them looks scary for me to ride! But If you are up to the adrenaline, this is the place for you. However it isn’t just for adults. There is a big area dedicated for kiddos named Camp Snoopy where we stayed most of the time and they having amazing rided that kids will love. There are a lot of food selection as well. There were formal dining restaurants, fast-food, asian corner, barbecue and grill. We had dinner at the barbecue place and I am pleased as well. It tastes as good as the best ones I had in Texas.

Snow flurries with my daughter Stacy

Here comes 12 midnight approaching and we followed the flood of people. They were all heading where there were big mountain of rocks that looks like a mining area with waterfalls and water surrounding it. On the side of the said mountain was this big tower with lights and a big digital timer. And so the countdown begins, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

The countdown begins…

There were tiny fireworks coming from the top and side of the tower as it does the countdown. As soon as the countdown finished, at thr che center of the mountain there goes the spectacular display of fireworks that lasted about 15 minutes. The last 3-5 minutes were the best display of all ( I don’t know why people are starting to leave after a few minutes of the display, so I suggest finish it until the end). Everyone around were smiling as they look up into the sky. Some were hugging and greeting each other. Then some were making noise, dancing or blowing their horns. If there was only one comment I would give, it would be I wish the music as the fireworks were up were louder with more relatable song playlist about new year like Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” perhaps?

Coz baby your a firework!

But overall, the experience was very remarkable. I highly recommend it. Also, did I say it’s cheap? you can buy a ticket for about $50 per person. So if you want a budget-approved new year’s countdown experience, and also without the hassle of cooking at home, welcome the New Year at Knott’s Berry Farm!

Happy 2020 to all!

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